Choosing microwave oven is something that is much easy compared to other electronic appliances as you may get a long list of inexpensive ovens available in market. It is important for you to consider the needs of yours before you are choosing an oven.

It is required for you to consider the purchase of microwave oven as this can really make the cooking time get much reduced to a significant manner. This kind of oven can allow cook for choosing the various methods of cooking that include microwave, convection and even microwave convection. These ovens can be available in much increased cost but can make you enjoy the usage of a regular oven.

Determining the Size of the Oven

Size of the oven is the first thing that you need to consider when you are buying it. Size of the oven can be something which can come between .8 cubic feet to 1.2 cubic feet. The wattage that is associated with larger microwave ovens are much higher compared to the smaller ones. The wattage can usually range between 600 – 1000 watts. The microwave ovens that are available in full size can have wattages which are much higher.

Consideration of Wattage

When you are considering the microwave ovens that are available in same size, you should choose them based on wattage. Wattage is an important factor that can determine the time taken for cooking. If the wattage is high, then cooking can happen in much faster manner and when wattage becomes low, it may take much amount of time for cooking.

Considering the Features

There are varieties of features that are offered by the microwave ovens that include defrost setting. There are some specific settings also associated with the microwave oven which are popcorn setting and also the TV- dinner setting. You should consider the features that are provided by them which can easily help you in understanding which of the products are suitable and capable of providing the features that you think is necessary for you to carry out the things.

It is always a good idea to get hold of the microwave oven that has variable setting so that you can choose the power that is required for cooking a particular kind of food. As per the power requirement you can set it and get benefitted and save power in a drastic manner.

Programmable and with Turntable

The microwave oven that is programmable can be of greater help as cook can program the various cook setting as per the requirements. Turntable that comes with microwave ovens can help in turning the dish aromatically and you need not have to bother about it. You should also think about the cleaning and also the placement of the microwave oven. The ovens without door handles are much easier to clean.

When you are choosing a microwave oven, try to see as much as products possible. Choose the one with more and required features, energy efficient and that can be easily cleaned. In addition, it’s a good idea to read microwave reviews or make your own research.


Here’s the video containing additional advices regarding microwave ovens.

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Cooking food can be a challenging experience to many people. This can be particularly be true if you are cooking food for the first time or you do not know the right procedure for preparing and cooking food. The following are some of the common and most reliable tips on how to cook food. Since most people can find themselves in terrible cooking mistakes, then the following factors and tips can assist you when cooking your food.

1. Consider the Appropriate Temperature

It is also important to consider the appropriate temperature when cooking. This is simply because different foods require different temperatures for them to cook well. For instance vegetables will require less temperature as opposed to meat and other recipes which require high temperatures or a lot of heat for them to effectively cook.

2. Observe Cooking Safety

Most people can plunge into so many cooking mistakes. It is therefore crucial to observe basic cooking safety tips before cooking. This may entail proper storage and cleaning of food before and after cooking. Cooking safety can also include washing your hands and chopping boards before handling or cooking food.

3. Type of Food You Want to Cook

Some food may take a shorter time to cook while others may take a longer time. Since different food may take different time frames to cook, it is therefore necessary to consider the nature and the type of food that you want to cook.

4. Amount of Food

Cooking food also calls for knowing the amount of food that you intend to cook. Large amounts of food will needed higher temperatures and large cooking utensils. It is thus very recommendable to consider the amount of food that you intend to cook.

5. Follow Your Recipe

In order to successfully cook your food it is quite important to observe your cooking guide which is referred to as a recipe. Since different meals have different recipes then it is important to follow the recipe of the kind of food that you anticipate to cook.

6. Where to Keep Your Food?

Cooking also entails planning where you plan to store your food before eating. Cooking meals that are not meant for immediate consumption may require appropriate storage. If your food is extremely hot then it is not advisable to store such food in fridges since this can easily lead to food poisoning.

7. Meal Planning

Before you embark on your cooking it is pertinent and necessary for the cook to plan for the meals. Meal planning is essential before cooking because it allows you to identify the right amount of food to be prepared and thus ensure you have all the cooking material required for your cooking.

8. Use the Best Appliance

Today the most housewives agree that kitchen appliance does play an important role. By kitchen applicance we mean several things. First, you need a good cookware set. It’s a must today. If you’re planning to buy a cookware, the best idea is to read reviews first because best cookware reviews guarantees the best choice. Next, it’s necessary to have a perfect knife set. And the third thing to consider is your mood. It’s a great pleasure to cook when you’re in a good mood.


Since every one of us is striving to be a smart cook, it is important to observe the above simple and basic yet very important food cooking tips. This can assist those who feel they are likely to suffer the embarrassment of doing common cooking mistakes that may end them in the most unfortunate scenarios ever.

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